Coffee is Life

April 8, 2020

There are lots of things in your life that in and of themselves are not that good.

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Just Sing?

April 1, 2020

We can’t win our battles the world’s way. We win through following God’s battle plan.

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Done Anything New Lately?

March 25, 2020

In the last two weeks, have you done anything new? Something that you have never done before in your lifetime? I know I have!

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March 18, 2020

Unprecedented. I am willing to bet I have read, heard, and said that word more in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years.

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COVID-19 Update

March 13, 2020

Please know that Aldersgate is taking proper precautions

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Mark Your Calendars!

March 4, 2020

Over 20 of our local, national, and global mission partners will be gathering to support one another in the work God has called each of us to do.

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