November 13, 2019

Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. –Ephesians 4:2

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The Want To

November 6, 2019

I attended the funeral of a saint this week and remembered the many conversations I had with him over the years.

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Everybody Needs a Somebody

October 30, 2019

"I planned on killing myself when I got out of jail. Something inside me said not till after Sunday."

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But They Don’t Look, Think, or Act Like Me

October 23, 2019

We all come from diverse places in life shaped by unique experiences which gives us distinct perspectives.

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Will You Be My Good Neighbor?

October 16, 2019

If we don’t care for the poor, do we really even understand the gospel?

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Embracing the Orphan

October 9, 2019

When Tyler and I first began the adoption process, we had no idea the roller-coaster we were jumping on.

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