Hold The Rope!

Imagine that you are hanging from the edge of a cliff with a drop of twenty thousand feet. The only thing between you and a fall to your death is a rope, with a person of your choice on the other end. Who do you know that has the guts to pull you to safety? Who do you know that is going to let that rope burn their hand and not let go?

For whom are you holding the rope? For whom are you putting your life on the line? Who are you lifting up? For whom are you going to withstand the burning pain and watch the blood drip from your hands?

HOLD THE ROPE! Like the four men in Mark 2 who refused to let a crowd stand in their way, making a hole in a roof and using ropes to get their paralyzed friend close to Jesus’ healing hands.

HOLD THE ROPE! Like the unnamed disciples who held the rope for Saul’s basket to reach freedom beyond the walls of Damascus, not knowing the incredible impact the new Christ follower would have on the world (Acts 9:23-25).

HOLD THE ROPE! Like the repentant prostitute risking her life to liberate Israeli spies down a rope from her window in the wall of Jericho. (Joshua 2:15)

HOLD THE ROPE! Like the Israelis who released Jeremiah, pulling “him up with the ropes and lifted him out of the cistern.” (Jeremiah 38:13).

Who is holding your rope? And whom are you holding the rope for?

Ryan Smallwood