Found People Find People

February 5, 2020

Think about the last invitation you received. Perhaps it was to a specific event like a wedding or a graduation. It could have been to a party or a get-together. Or maybe it was just a lunch or a coffee offer. Regardless, the invitation probably made you feel special. Never underestimate the power of invitation.

That’s why one of our core values at Aldersgate is “Found People Find People.” We believe in the power of invitation – asking a friend or family to church, inviting them to a special event, and introducing them to Jesus. When we host our monthly “Coffee with the Pastors” gathering for those who are newer to the church, we typically ask those in attendance how they got to Aldersgate. Overwhelmingly, the response we get is that someone invited them. It’s the power of invitation.

I think Jesus believed in the power of invitation. When Jesus chose His disciples, He didn’t make a public announcement for anyone who might be interested. Jesus didn’t put an advertisement in the paper or hang an offer on the nearest billboard. And Jesus certainly didn’t hope that someone would just accidentally find Him. Jesus found Andrew and said, “Come and see” (John 1:39). And do you know the first thing Andrew did? He went and found his brother Simon (John 1:41). Jesus personally invited Philip. And guess what? Philip went and extended the same invitation to Nathanael (John 1:45).

Depending on what survey you read, upwards of 80% of people say they would attend church if they were simply invited. Yet, according to Lifeway research, over 30% of regular churchgoers have not invited a friend or family to church within the past six months.

So, who are you inviting to come with you this Sunday? Who will you invite to join you for Celebrate Recovery? To whom will you extend an offer to join your small group? Found people find people. Never underestimate the power of invitation.