Forty Days of Thanksgiving

Every good and perfect gift is from above… James 1:17

Thanksgiving season is upon us again! We are 40 days (37 to be exact) away from stuffing ourselves with food, football and family. And it’s a time that reminds us to give thanks for all the good things in our lives. Because let’s face it, there are other times during the year that our mind is on anything but thanksgiving. We are often guilty of enjoying the gifts while ignoring the Giver.

My family is starting a new tradition this year. We have purchased a pumpkin. Actually, we have purchased several pumpkins. But this one particular pumpkin is not used for decoration. It has been placed in a prominent place in our home and there is a sharpie marker next to it. Every day, each one of us takes the marker and writes at least one thing on the pumpkin that we are thankful for. It sits there every day as a visual reminder of thanksgiving for the gifts in our lives and each day, new ones get added to it. It’s a way for us to enjoy the gifts and acknowledge the Giver.

I challenge your family to take the 40 Days of Thanksgiving Challenge. You are welcome to borrow our idea, or feel free to adapt an idea of your own. But in some way, give thanks for the gifts and to the Giver!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ryan Smallwood