Everybody Needs a Somebody

He walked into the church one weekday afternoon. He was obviously down on his luck, hurting, and needing some help. Our College Pastor met with him for quite a while listening to his story, encouraging him, praying for him, and helping where he could before he went on his way.

That Sunday morning, almost an hour before the first worship service begins, a young man is sitting on the curb outside the church building. Our Connections Pastor thinks it’s the same gentleman that paid a visit earlier in the week. She makes her way outside, sits on the curb next to him, and eventually inspires him to come inside.

It’s after the second worship experience of the morning that I meet him for the first time. His countenance now a tad brighter and his chest a bit higher, he shares of his Sunday morning encounter. I make sure he gets a sandwich that has been brought in for an after church meeting that I slip into and lose track of him.

After the meeting, I head back to my office and a note that has been left on the welcome desk catches my attention. I’m a little skittish about notes left for me on a Sunday morning, but I begin to read…

"Thank you Pastor Ryan…I planned on killing myself when I got out of jail.
Something inside me said not till after Sunday. Go to church.
I’m thankful for being here and I’m looking forward to next Sunday.
Words can’t express how thankful I am right now. I’m speechless…"

What if our College Pastor thought he had better things to do that afternoon? Or if our Connections Pastor ignored the young man sitting on the curb? What if we overlook those put in our path every single day?


Who is your somebody today?