COVID-19 Update

March 13, 2020

Aldersgate Church Family,

The Coronavirus has us in a situation none of us have been in before. It compels us to grapple with the proper response in an situation where things change day by day. Some organizations and events have chosen to close. Others are choosing to stay open. And both are options. Aldersgate Church is staying open and will gather to celebrate at our normal worship times on Sunday mornings (9:30 AM and 11:00 AM).

Please know that Aldersgate is taking proper precautions and we have enhanced our cleaning procedures by wiping down common surfaces, door handles, and light switches with extra care. And we encourage you to take proper precautions that will help not only you but those around you. Wash your hands thoroughly. Use hand sanitizer. Stay home if you are experiencing health symptoms that are contagious.

If you do feel uncomfortable gathering for worship on Sunday morning because of health conditions or susceptibility to illness, then I encourage you to stay home and join us online. Online giving is always available at,

Whether you gather with us in person or choose to do so online, I encourage you to pray. Pray for our nation and government (as well as governments around the world) to have wisdom in responding and not overreacting. Pray for those affected. And pray that as He does in all things, God will work good out of this (Romans 8:28).

Ryan Smallwood