Breaking the Silence

June 10, 2020

As we reflect on what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis, we’re grieved that this kind of injustice is still happening to our brothers and sisters in the 21st century. We acknowledge the evils of discrimination and racism fighting so hard to tear us and our nation apart at the seams. And we are reminded that unity is not the absence of differences but merely the absence of division. Our unity is a powerful tool against the enemy’s attacks of such evils and injustices.

We know injustice makes God angry, and it makes us angry, too. And because of what Jesus teaches, we can’t be silent when injustice happens. We also acknowledge that there is a time to listen. A time to listen to our differences. A time to hear from those whose life experiences are different from ours. A time to listen to those who are hurting. A time to break the silence on topics that have been kept in the dark. A time to listen to those who see life differently than we do. Listening creates understanding, empathy, compassion, and ultimately healing.

While these issues can be difficult to talk about, we know we must keep having conversations about them. We believe the first step in these conversations (and really any conversation) is listening. Aldersgate Church will soon begin hosting a series of recorded conversations with people from all different walks of life about racism and discrimination. Some of the people you might know. And some you might not. We encourage you to lean in with us and listen in on the candid conversations we will be having with different people that will help us find unity in our differences.

As a church, we value every color, culture, and class. If you have ever felt afraid, put down, rejected, or abused because of who God made you to be, I want you to know that Aldersgate Church stands in solidarity with you. We love you and we boldly pray and declare that our church will be a church that listens, calls out injustice, and acts with compassion.