Good to the Last Drop

August 7, 2019

Every devoted coffee drinker, noble connoisseur, or unremitting addict knows there is nothing like that first sip of coffee. That feeling you get when that first bit of scrumptious nectar touches the tongue. I am not an aficionado or a fanatic, but I do like to have a cup of coffee in the mornings. Okay, honestly, I like to have a little coffee with my cream and sugar! Nonetheless, on summer mornings I love to sit outside with a cup of coffee (fixed just the way I like it) and my Bible – a little coffee and Jesus!

But there is something I have noticed. The last sip of coffee, while enjoyable, is not as intense as the first sip. The longer the coffee sits, the cooler it gets. The more I drink the more my taste buds grow dull to the flavor. And while it is still good, it’s just not as good as that first sip. I’m not arguing it’s not good to the last drop, I’m just making the case it’s not as good to the last drop.

Could that be how we feel about God? When we are first introduced to Him, have that initial taste, and begin our journey in relationship with Him, we sense God’s goodness everywhere. We sing without reservation, “God is so good: He’s so good to me.” But perhaps the longer we sit with God, the cooler our relationship gets. The longer we follow, the more dull our sense of His goodness grows. Circumstances mount, frustration abounds, evil intensifies and we begin to wonder, “Where is the goodness of God?”

God’s goodness never fails. It never ends. He is good to the very last drop. His goodness does not cool down or grow dull. Everything God does is for our good. Even in the worst of circumstances, frustrations and evil we can see God’s goodness if we take the time to “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8).

Perhaps you need to revisit that first sip this morning? Stop and ask God to show you His goodness. Pause and look around you and appreciate His goodness. Taste and see that the Lord is indeed good!

Ryan Smallwood