40 Days of


Sunday, Dec 22
sunday service times

Join us Sunday morning for the conclusion of our series, Restored. Make the Sharing Choice and yield to God to be used to bringing His Good News to others, both by your example and your words.

Tuesday, dec 24
Christmas eve candlelight service times

We hope you and your family join us for one of our Christmas Eve services. We’ll sing Christmas Carols, hear an inspirational message from our Lead Pastor, and experience a special candlelight moment at the end of each service.

sunday, Dec 29
Sunday Service Times

Every New Year at Aldersgate we do the One Word Challenge. Choosing one word for the whole year that creates vision and hope for the future.

9:30 & 11:00 am
5:00 & 7:00 pm
9:30 & 11:00 am


Family Worship Sunday

Preschool childcare available all morning


Preschool (Birth-4yrs) childcare available


Riot Room Worship (K-5th)
9:30 & 11:00am

Preschool childcare available all morning

Bringing Joy to the World

The world could use a little joy don’t you think? That’s what Christmas is all about... ”Joy to the World”! Let’s help spread that joy. During the 40 days leading up to Christmas, each day or as many times as you can, use one of the acts of kindness listed below to share joy with those around you. Feel free to use original ideas of your own as well! Post a picture or write a post on social media to let us know how you're bringing joy to the world! On Instagram be sure to use the hashtags #40DaysofChristmas and #AldersgateChurch. On Facebook, tag us with @aldersgate. All your Instagram posts will appear below!

  1. Anonymously pay for someone’s dinner while eating at a restaurant
  2. Invite someone over for dinner without asking them to bring anything
  3. Take cookies, cupcakes, donuts, or other treats to a convenience store clerk, supermarket worker, restaurant server or retail worker
  4. Offer to pray for a retail worker who seems to be frazzled by the holiday shoppers
  5. Leave notes of encouragement in random places
  6. Take cookies, cupcakes, donuts or other treats to a workplace
  7. Sip hot chocolate by the fire
  8. Have a snowball fight (real or Bahama Bucks)
  9. Look at Christmas lights as a family or with friends
  10. Bake and gift Christmas cookies to a hospital, fire station, or other place where you find frontline workers
  11. Purchase and gift a $5 gift card to Starbucks, Sonic, or other “happy place” randomly
  12. Pick toys and re-gift to others in need
  13. Make homemade ornaments together with your family and/or friends
  14. Make homemade Christmas cards and share them with a nursing home, a homeless shelter, or other place that could use some Christmas cheer
  15. Have a family camp out beside the Christmas Tree
  16. Send a card or letter to someone you know needs some encouragement
  17. Take a “creative picture” in front of a Christmas tree and post it on social media
  18. Post a picture of an ugly Christmas sweater on social media and encourage others to post theirs as well
  19. Share your favorite Christmas song on social media
  20. Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie together with someone you love
  21. Spend time sitting still in front of a nativity scene
  22. Buy groceries for shut-ins, a busy mom, or family in need
  23. Pay for the person behind you in the drive through line
  24. Drop off a movie night box with red box code, popcorn, candy, etc. on someone’s doorstep
  25. Buy pet food, toys, and blankets and deliver to a pet shelter
  26. Leave an encouraging note for your mail person, delivery person, etc.
  27. Volunteer at the food bank, help deliver food boxes, or serve with an organization that helps others during the Christmas season
  28. Babysit for a single mom or family for free allowing them to do some Christmas shopping
  29. Ring the bell for Salvation Army
  30. Invite someone who may not have a place to go to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
  31. Donate coloring books and crayons to a children’s hospital or other organization that could use them
  32. Volunteer to wrap presents for a friend, widow, or someone else who could use the help
  33. Write a thank you note to a teacher, public servant, or first responder
  34. Help a widow or someone who could use assistance decorating for Christmas
  35. Leave change taped to vending machine with a “Merry Christmas” message
  36. Send Christmas flowers to someone who could use some holiday cheer
  37. Send a card or care package to a soldier who won’t get to celebrate the holidays with their family
  38. Make and deliver dinner to a family in need
  39. Share an encouraging Bible verse on social media
  40. Gather your family and friends and surprise your neighborhood with door to door Christmas caroling